Di Baker trained in textiles in London in the 1960s. She was bought up in a family of printers and have long had a love of texture and plants. When she settled in Australia in 2008, a new and exciting world of extraordinary plants opened up to me and she had to embrace this unique native flora in her work. She began to research and grow these wonderfully diverse, primal and sculptural forms.

Di only uses native plants locally sourced from Western Australia in her textile printing; leaves, flowers, buds, bark and roots. the plant material is laid on silk, wool or cotton which has been mordanted with a fixative to make fast the design. the fabric is then rolled up tightly, bound into bundles and steamed, and this extracts the natural pigments. The contact between the plants and fabric impresses amazing shapes and colours, which are a constant surprise and fascination to her when the bundles are opened. Each item produced is unique.

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